If they ask if you are making pumpkin pie, say yes.

I have a tendency to tell too much information…really it’s a tendency to run my mouth too much. Examples include the time my ex and I were shopping for a new car, and I proudly told the car salesman that my Nissan 240sx (moment of silence for the much loved Batmobile…okay, now we can continue) had a BRAND NEW engine in it! I can’t seem to draw the line between enough and too much information.

Case in point, I return to my beloved Publix here in Greenville (as I’ve moved back into the exact neighborhood I left back in September!) and am in the checkout line with four cans of pumpkin. “Ah,” says the friendly Publix Checkout Lady, “are you making pumpkin pie?”

The normal person who was in a hurry to get out of the grocery and back home would have said yes and smiled. But not me… “No, it’s for my dogs actually.”

Insert puzzled look here and massive sigh from the five people in line behind me.

“For your dogs?” she asks, looking as though she’s vacillating between laughing and calling the ASPCA.

“Yes, it makes their tummies feel good and they just love it,” I reply.

Thankfully she doesn’t say another word, just continues with my checkout and hands me my receipt. Not the first time this has happened…”Wow, someone really likes chicken leg quarters! Having a BBQ?” The word yes forms in my mind and on my tongue, but what actually comes out of my mouth is different.

“No, they’re for my dogs, I feed them a raw diet.”

For awhile before I moved, I was “The Greyhound Lady that buys all the Chicken” at that Publix.

Bless. It’s good to be home.

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  1. If it were me and someone asked me if I was having a BBQ, I\’d just say, \’nope, all for my dinner tonight\’ and leave \’em hanging. 🙂

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