For Susan, So She Knows I Have a Backbone…

Irritating Self Important Co-Worker starts talking to one of my deaf co-workers without waiting for me to be turned around to interpret. The following sassy ensued…

Me: I’m sorry, I missed that.
Irritating Self Important Co-Worker: I was talking to HER.
Me: I know that, and I can’t interpret what you said to her if I didn’t HEAR it. What did you say?
Irritating Self Important Co-Worker: (rolls eyes) Right.

She then repeated herself. GAH! Y’all, it’s not a complicated thing. Person A is deaf, Person B is not. Does Person B REALLY think that Person A is just going to magically be able to HEAR because Person B has something to say?


Tick tock, tick tock, y’all. 2 hours more and my vicarious trauma ends…at least here in Alabama, right? I’m still an interpreter after all…

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