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Much is happening in the world today. I know, duh? But I thought I’d take a moment since I found one to breathe while at work and point out some of the things I found to be noteworthy.

While out mailing a package and grabbing lunch I was listening to a local (?) call in show on one of the Montgomery NPR affiliates. The topic today was something to do with Iran or Iraq or the war or politics or…sometimes hard to tell with that show. Anyhow…I missed the first topic because they’d already started talking before I cranked the car, but I did hear them say that twin suicide bombers had driven cars into a building…and that it looked like the building in Oklahoma City. I got to the post office, went in, mailed my package and when I got back to the radio they were discussing a stand off of some sort that I think was related to the bombing. What struck me, though, was the report of an American soldier who was quoted as saying that if the insurgents got to him he’d take his own life before he’d be captured and beheaded on video for his wife to see on the internet.

Holy SMACK y’all. We thought that the psychological toll on our proud US soldiers was bad after Vietnam? I just hope that when this “war” is finally in the history books and as many of these brave men and women as can come home that some of the money that was being used to blow our fellow man to kingdom come will be spent to make sure the survivors have therapy. I mean seriously, can you imagine being faced with that choice? They are braver than I am, for sure.

Shortly after the 11 September 2001 attacks, he said that gays, atheists, civil-rights activists and legal abortions in the US had angered God and “helped this happen”.
“Obituary-Jerry Falwell” courtesy BBC News

Once I got back to the office and had a chance to check out today’s headlines I found that Jerry Falwell had died. Again, I’m reminded of my age by this because Falwell is someone who has always been around, someone who was always making one contraversial remark or another and then quickly hiding behind the wall of conservative Christianity before the mud started a’slinging. It’s just strange to think that the next state that makes it NOT illegal for two people who love each other and want a life together to be able to be married regardless of their gender WON’T have Jerry Falwell somewhere declaring them all sinners. I hope that when he arrives at whatever afterlife is afforded him that it will be what he’s so clearly worked for on earth, and that his family and friends are comforted in their time of loss. Maybe now he can know if he was as right as he thought he was.

And filed under Oh My LORD, we have the story of a cyclist in Madison, WI that was run over by a TRUCK and lived to tell the tale! Apparently Ryan Lipscomb was riding down a road approaching an intersection, saw a truck turning to the right in front of him, hit his brakes, flipped over the front of his bike and landed in the middle of the intersection. The driver then RAN OVER HIS HEAD and kept going. Check out the link above…I’m not sure if that’s the one where I saw the picture of his helment or not but it’s quite mangled…and his head is not.

The childish part of me wants to point out that stories like that are exactly why I think that ALL states should have helment laws for riding any kind of cycle, be it BI or MOTOR…even though I know that not all agree.

Man. Must be Tuesday.

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