So much has happened since I last had a moment to post…

I am now able to say out loud that I am leaving Alabama next month and moving back to South Carolina. The main reason is so that I can be closer to my family, but I don’t think anyone that works with me here will disagree that this just isn’t the best fit for me job wise…or life wise, really. It’s so trite but I didn’t realise what deep friendships I had in SC until I left them.

Last weekend I headed up to NC by way of my vet’s office in SC for a Hunky check up. I was terrified that the lump on his gum was going to cause the vet to start screaming things like they do on television medical dramas when someone has to go directly into surgery and is at risk to die if they don’t have a good enough agent to become a regular character. Nothing of the sort. When H and J go for dental work in July he will take a bit of it and test it for any kind of nasties but doesn’t expect to find any. I am thankful that my Handsome Fella will be with me a bit longer at least.

As I rounded the “corner” on I-85 near the highway 25/White Horse Road exit in Greenville, my eyes filled with tears. I hadn’t been there since October and the feeling that I was coming back home was overwhelming. I stopped by and saw Tressy, dear friend and former/soon to be coworker, and it was like I’d never left.

Best part? A trip to see my parents will take just under 2 hours, rather than the 4.5-5 hours that it currently takes.

I leave for the UK on the 26th of this month and I’m just plain nervous. I’ll be meeting Simon’s family and spending two weeks there without the dogs to distract me or keep me busy…I just hope that he is still speaking to me afterward!

My divorce will be final on 6 June and once I get back from the UK the first thing I’ll do is get my name back. Nancy E. Allen, resident of Greenville, SC, is on the horizon and I’m so happy!

I bet I get hit by a truck.

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  1. Me too…I so love the Upstate. I\’m just sorry I had to go through moving to understand that, but everything we do is for a purpose. Daisy can\’t wait to meet EVERYONE. Silly girl. 🙂

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