Thanks, Easter Bunny…BOK BOK

So this morning when I came stumbling out of the guest room to feed the dogs there was the cutest little basket waiting in the hall! In the tradition of our mother, my sister…I mean the Easter Bunny had left me an easter basket with lots of yummy diet busting treats inside. Yay for Easter!

But wait…there was a toy in the basket, something that the “Easter Bunny” also used to always include when we were growing up. This toy, however, is a classic combination of humor, yummy bubble gum, and one of the symbols of the season, an egg laid by a chicken.

May I introduce…the Clucker.

Little dude…err…dude-ette…errr….okay the chicken works like this. Twist its head off, insert no more than four of the bubble gum “eggs” (because to do so, according to the warning, would jam the mechanism…so true, isn’t it?), then wind up Clucker and let it go. It walks, it…makes a grindy noise, and it poops out a bubble gum egg.

Yay Easter. This may be the best easter basket toy I’ve ever gotten.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Easter Bunny…BOK BOK”

  1. yeah, it\’s like the unwritten rule that you should get that toy as a kid in one easter basket, at least. =]Happy Easter!

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