It’s 1am, do you know where your ability to sleep is?

If it’s with mine, would you kindly send it back to Montgomery? I am still awake at 1am, staring down another day of work and so much left to do to be ready to go on my trip Wednesday.

Hmmm, why the insomnia?

In 3 days I will meet someone in person that has become a very dear friend over the past five months.

In 4 days I will meet my new babygirl for the second time, only this time she’ll be coming home with me!

In 6 days I will be back again with all my FTH friends, people who know me better than most and whom I love dearly.

Yeah, I’d say that’s plenty. I still have to change the oil in the car, pack my suitcase, make sure I have all that the dogs need, and get the car packed and ready to roll Wednesday morning.

I may not sleep till Wednesday night.

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  1. I hope that you have a wonderful time on your trip, even if the preceding days aren\’t exactly fantabulous.I love you. Have fun getting that pretty new family member of yours. =]


  2. hey – I miss reading you!


  3. Just posted, was trying to earlier and it wouldn\’t go through! Darn Blogger!


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