I’m TOTALLY stealing from Liz on this post.

She had a great idea, to put the first bits of the first and last posts from each month over the past year, so I’m gonna steal it. I don’t think it’s creeping if I admit it. Flattery and all…much love to you, Liz. Much love.

January 2006

First: …So that ebeth will have something to read…just kidding.
Last: I think I got tagged by Amy…

February 2006

First: I think it’s going to be a Bad Ear Day all around.
Last: Those with more widely read blogs probably wouldn’t blink an eye at this, but lookee what I found on the internet today…

March 2006

First: The pups and I are taking off on our first real vacation together tomorrow morning.
Last: I still haven’t managed to recover the pearls of wisdom that apparently washed down the drain with the food and the soap and the bubbles while washing dishes yesterday.

April 2006

First: I think I may be coming down with something, so my post today is going to be random stuff slung together…that’s about the best my brain can do at the moment.
Last: My season with the Georgia Renaissance Festival has now come to a close.

May 2006

First: When toys attack…I’m glad Hunky loves me…
Last: Hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day…

June 2006

First: Amy and I started out today for Mountain Hounds, a weekend greyhound gathering for greyhounds and their humans, at 7am.
Last: …and then there was the YELLING…Holy moly. I was raised in a very quiet household.

July 2006

First: Do I regret not putting her on a raw diet sooner? Yes. (Lizzard’s birthday)
Last: In 19 days I will leave my precious hounds with my friends, then kiss my kitties on their furry noggins and beg them not to make craft projects out of my carpet and drapes.

August 2006

First: Shamelessly stolen from the sig line of a friend’s email…
Last: Missed me? Probably not…I’ve been out of the country in the UK since 20 August, and have only just gotten home tonight.

September 2006

First: Hunky: Whine Whine Whine…pause and tilt head in cute manner…whine whine whine.
Last: Hunk: (lying on the floor in the guest room, making a moaning noise)

October 2006

First: I’m back online, finally! Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of the past two weeks of my life…
Last: Yesterday morning I was in Huntersville, NC for the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

November 2006

First: I’m still here, though I admit I’m finding few things to write about for Brave Lettuce these days.
Last: he looked the same tonight when I got home from work, tired from a long day of problems psychosis target languages and long training sessions

December 2006

First: Every Friday night my “Montgomery Family” gets together to watch Battlestar Galactica. I’ll let the uber nerdiness of that statement sink in for a moment…done? Good.

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