Convening the Urban Family

Every Friday night my “Montgomery Family” gets together to watch Battlestar Galactica.

I’ll let the uber nerdiness of that statement sink in for a moment…done? Good.

Last night was no different. I got a call at about 6pm from Bryan that they would be over at about 7:30 and that they were bringing dinner. I was on the phone with my friend from Yorkshire at the time, and only clicked over to the cell phone a moment to answer the call, then back to Yorkshire. Three times my call waiting beeped in, but since I was on the phone to another country I didn’t answer it. The first time it was my friend Kimmy (whom I still have to call back) and the second time I thought it was my friend Leah…as often happens if one of my Sistahs calls me and doesn’t get me she calls the other Sistah to see if she’s heard from me, so I assumed that the number I saw in the caller ID was Leah. Only…Leah’s area code is 336 and the number, it seems, in the caller ID was 334. But I was working so hard on my Yorkshire at the moment I mistook the 4 for a 6.

The person calling, in fact, was Ben, Urban Family Member. There was a plan hatched that I totally ruined, you see. Ben was calling to tell me that he’d locked his keys in his car and needed me to come get him where he was stranded. Then, when I of course dashed out the door to his rescue, Bryan and Christy would come over to my house (they have my spare key) bringing birthday cake, chili, hot wings, and ice cream along with balloons, gifts, and a birthday tablecloth/napkins/plates set and have me a nice wee surprise party when I returned with Ben. However, since I didn’t call Ben back, they all showed up at my house just before Battlestar came on, bearing gifts and food and balloons and looking a bit cranky.

Insert me as Class A Heel! Even Franny thought I didn’t deserve any cake…

We had a marvelous time, though, and it really turned out to be one of the best birthday parties I’ve had in a long time. They really did too much, and I love them dearly for just thinking of me.

I admit that I was a bit down this past week, the news of Profile’s cancer coinciding with spending my 35th birthday alone rather set me in a dark mood. But we laughed until we cried last night, Ben and Bryan sword-fought throughout my house, the food was good and a grand time was had by all.

I think the boys had a little too much of a good time, as they were crashed out on the sofa till about 5am…

When I feel alone in Montgomery all I have to do is think of the three of them and I smile. I’m not alone. Urban Family to the Rescue!

L-R Me, Ben, Bryan, and Christy

5 thoughts on “Convening the Urban Family”

  1. oh, and nan, did you ever get my birthday card email?I chose an e-mail birthday card from some card place…if you didn\’t, I totally sent you one. It was cute, and had a cute little song. ^^I still have your giftttttt.Lemme know about New Year\’s Eve.

  2. K- No, I didn\’t… 🙁 Still don\’t know about New Year\’s Eve.l- Dear Lord NO…even a thimble full might kill me!!

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