No real excuse…

I’m just a bad friend. This month two people very important to me had birthdays, and I missed both of them. Amy’s birthday was November 4th and Liz’s was YESTERDAY. I even made a comment to someone about yesterday being the 16th, and I couldn’t quite put two and two together and come up with anything but dead air. To both of you, I am sorry.

Amy and I have known each other (technically) since the 7th grade when we met at Camp Glisson in Dahlonega, GA. We met at the same camp again as seniors in high school, then again as roommates in college our freshman year. We soon discovered, as many close friends do, that we were not only not well suited as roommates…we might actually be ANTI-suited to be roommates. Luckily we moved out of each other’s hair (though hers was quite a bit taller than mine back in 1989/90) and remained friends. Amy is the kind of friend that drives to your house in another state in the middle of the night because you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend and call her, wailing into the phone that your life is over. I have lived just down the road from her for the eight years I lived in South Carolina, and it’s a bit odd to know now that she is two states away.

She’s still closer than Liz, who is about three thousand miles away in London. Liz and I met at Young Harris College and while we never roomed together, we were still fast friends. There are lots of stories that I could tell here that I won’t to protect the innocent and the guilty. One month before her birthday, Liz gave me the gift of introducing me to a new friend and has really been a support to me in my moving out on my own, pursuing divorce, etc. I didn’t quite move as far away from my ex as she did, but a lot of our situations were similar and she has been a voice of reason for me lately.

So…the dogs ate my calendar? Nope. Ummmm…we had an F2 tornado in Montgomery on Wednesday that scored a direct hit two miles from my house? Don’t think so.

My pennance? I got bitten by a spider or something this morning that made my right hand swell up and I’m typing this whole thing with my left hand. Nah, not really enough.

I love you two. Much hugs and belated birthday wishes. Feel free to forget my birthday on the 27th…Miss you bunches.


2 thoughts on “No real excuse…”

  1. i can\’t not celebrate your birthday on the 27th! i chose your birthday to have as my daughter\’s birthday… and nan, i love you too. 🙂 a lot.

  2. 🙂 Please give MC a big week early pre birthday hug from Auntie Nan in the states whom I\’m SURE she doesn\’t remember reading a lovely book to at your parents\’ house last Christmas. Are we doing that again this year??? And was it Christmas?? 🙂

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