Just a warning, this is gross…

You know there are some smells that are so unique that you can almost see them in the air? Yeah, that’s what hit me when I got home today.

My poor Profile…he had “the explosive D” all over his crate and apparently had tried to rearrange his bedding afterward because it was all over his nose, his legs, his tail, his belly, the TOP OF HIS HEAD…and Hunky’s Blunde Bear from IKEA was in the back of Prof’s crate, toes covered in poo. Profile scraped the top of his nose, I guess, on the sides of the crate (it’s a wire crate), so there was blood and poo everywhere. The dog bed went in the dumpster and the blankie and Blunde into the washing machine, and Prof and I got in the shower.

He now smells like wet dog + lavendar shampoo (I haven’t been out to get any baby shampoo like I usually use for them yet) and he spent the evening under a towel and blanket on a dog bed (with a snood on that he pulled down over his eyes), shivering every now and then but peacefully and thankfully asleep.

The kicker? I can’t do my usual Big D rice meal because my stove still isn’t working. I think the guy that said he’d call me back on Monday forgot…since it’s now THURSDAY. So I think that tonight we just won’t have anything (he didn’t seem too hungry) and tomorrow morning we’ll have some ground chicken and veggies (the food I mail order) and none of the NB kibble.

The only thing different between today and yesterday is that he had Missing Link on his food this morning…and it apparently can cause some tummy upset if not gradually introduced. I made my dog sick and miserable!! I feel like such a heel. Bless him, he didn’t snarl or anything the whole time he was in the shower though he DID try to make a break for it a few times.

Geez-O-MINEY is the renn fest gonna be fun this weekend…

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