Do I LOOK like a scottie dog to you?

Hunky’s Maryville College Sweater
Originally uploaded by NanLassiter.

Is Hunky not the most handsome thing ever? (Scottie dogs are the mascot of my alma mater, Maryville College in Tennessee.)

The unpacking continues…the wondering why on earth I still have half of this stuff continues…the adjustment to life on the surface of the sun definitely continues…and I continue, continue to be amazed by the people I encounter at work, continue to wonder what made me move so far away from everyone I love, continue to be impressed at the strength and bravery I didn’t know I had…continue to be thankful that I have these incredible creatures in my life that love me even when I dress them like orange and garnet bumble bees.

PS-Much love to Angela at A&B Originals for the sweaters…they are just perfect. Go SCOTS!

1 thought on “Do I LOOK like a scottie dog to you?”

  1. bwahahaha. your poor dogs.only mere days until I see my Nancy. wewt.and my goodness, we could totally hang out. I\’m not staying on site this weekend. yay for HOTEL

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