Conversations in my house, part 400

Hunky: Whine Whine Whine…pause and tilt head in cute manner…whine whine whine.

Me: Hunky, what is it? Do you need to go out?

Hunky: Stop whining as you ponder the word out, head appropriately tilted, then decide that is not what you need…whine whine whine whine.

Me: What do you need, baby? Do you need some water?

Hunky: Rinse/Repeat on the pondering and head tilting, then whine whine whine…move closer to the crate in the office, stare pointedly at Profile who is sleeping in it, and whine whine whine.

Me: Do you want me to make Profee move so you can get in the box? (in my house box=crate/kennel)

Hunky: Stops Whining Immediately. Wag Tail Furiously.

Me: Ugh, the things I do.

I still like them a whole lot better than I do most people…

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