Observations at Work Today

I have learned that an Arby’s Beef and Cheddar is a dangerous thing to eat. It can put you into a coma before you realize you’re even drowsy. Then, the phone will ring and you will jump out of your chair, wide awake and trying to answer the mouse because it is close to your pager…which is obviously not what needed to be answered because SOMETHING is still RINGING.

I have learned that Hershey’s “Kissables” look just enough like board game pieces to be slightly disturbing. I don’t know whether to eat them or pass go and collect $200.

I have learned what it must be like for those that depend on glasses for more than just reading the computer screen. When the screeching phone pulled me out of my Arbys-Coma, I realized for a frightening moment that I couldn’t make my eyes focus, hence the trying to answer the mouse rather than my pager…I fell asleep with my reading glasses on like the little old lady I am.

2 thoughts on “Observations at Work Today”

  1. Oh no no no I would never even try that, I love you far far far too much to do something that horrible to your insides, liz. It is an addiction that, as Ben says, is of the hot place.:D

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