Outstanding Article in the Guardian

Click on the title above to read an outstanding article by Timothy Garton Ash. The subject is related to the first anniversary of the terrorist bombings in London which is tomorrow, but he has a brilliant insight into what he calls American Conservatism. It’s an interesting peek into what the rest of the world is thinking about those of us on this side of the “pond.”

3 thoughts on “Outstanding Article in the Guardian”

  1. \”Between cheese-eating surrender monkeys and fire-eating war junkies, we look for a middle way.\”Have they found it? If so, what is it? If you aren\’t surrendering/ignoring the problem…and if you aren\’t fighting against the problem\’s cause…then what are you doing? What\’s the middle ground?

  2. \”Yet that real threat does not make British politicians and commentators – with the partial exception of our outgoing prime minister – talk of war. We have a different political culture and we choose to see things differently.Unlike many continental Europeans, most of us do not rule out war as a means of last resort. We think you sometimes have to fight to defend your way of life, but that you should fight clever, keeping a cool head, a strong grasp on reality and a sense of proportion. We\’ve lived with terrorism for years, and we know you can lick it, especially if we don\’t overreact and make unnecessary sacrifices of liberty in the name of security – for freedom is its own best defense.\”I know I\’m not a Brit but I think this is what he\’s referring to as the middle way…? Liz? I could be wrong and just relying on my middle school paragraph analysis skills, since this came right before the section you quoted, Amy…

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