Forget Regret

Do I regret not putting her on a raw diet sooner? Yes. Do I regret not swimming the deepest oceans for supplements for her joints, or not spending my entire paycheck on an ortho bed with a heater to make it easier for her to get up and down? Absolutely. Do I regret not having as much strength of character as she did, and not being able to be there for her at the end? More than I can say.

Did I regret those things when she was still with me, still nipping me on the back of my head and barking to let me know it was 4:30? No way. I cherished, loved, remembered, agonized over, and memorized every second I had with Lizzard. Today she would have been 16 years old. She died a year and eight days ago. And I miss her still, every day…

Happy Birthday, Momma Dawg. I miss you.

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