The Reverend Susan Rebecca Allen Grady

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  1. Susan was ordained an Elder in the United Methodist Church last night. It should look like a play, it was on the stage at the Classic Center in Athens. 🙂 I got a great picture of one of her parishioners at the reception holding up a hand-written sign that says \”We love Pastor Susan Allen-Grady!\” I\’m a proud big sister.

  2. what does an elder mean? isn\’t she a bit young to be elder? (i know – totally showing my non-understanding of the methodist church)

  3. There is a two step process to becoming a minister in the UMC. You are commissioned first as a probationary member, and then after a certain period of time (3yrs I think) you are ordained as a full minister or \”Elder.\”Funny, though, Susan is in fact the youngest member of her class of ordinands (those ready for ordination) and was recognized as such. 🙂 But sit down…my baby sister…turned THIRTY in April.

  4. Oh no, I\’ve been hitting snooze on my biological clock, don\’t remind it that it\’s time to be going off…haven\’t had my turn yet. 🙂

  5. Bah – 35 is just a number! :)With all the medical advances nowadays, women can have babies well into their late 30s and even early 40s. So don\’t fret!By the way, Nan, speaking of…have you made that appointment yet? The one we talked about? If not, get on it. I told you I\’d bug you \’til you did!And congratulate your lil sister for me – that\’s a huge accomplishment.

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