A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes…Isn’t It?

Lordy, I hope not.

This morning, in between viciously pounding on the snooze button on the alarm clock, I had a dream about Scott. I was in my new place but it wasn’t the house I live in now. It was a LOT bigger, and the backyard was nothing but a tennis court. Anyway, the jist of the dream was that he was following me around in my house, DOING THINGS. Like for instance, I was making coffee and I put the filter with the coffee in it into the machine, then filled up the carafe to add water to the machine. When I poured the water into the machine, it overflowed because someone had already put water in it. The food that was supposed to be in my refrigerator was actually in my freezer, though I remembered putting it in the correct place. Therefore, all my food had to be thawed before it could be used. Lights were on in rooms where I wasn’t, or I’d walk into a room and turn on the light and POOF it would go back off.

I finally caught him in my bedroom going through the boxes of clothes that I haven’t unpacked yet and taking t-shirts out. He said they were his, and I had no right to steal them from him. I countered with the fact that he had no right to mess up my house and he said…and I remember this clearly because I remember feeling like I’d been hit in the stomach…”Yes I do, I’m your husband till November.”

Where’s that application for that job in Alabama?

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