More Lessons Learned

I have learned this weekend that it is possible to strain muscles by simply sitting still for too long.

I have learned this weekend that I CAN transliterate and almost do oral interpreting, but not quite. It is definitely still out of my comfort zone.

I have learned this weekend that there is not a good way to sign the following things:
“I’m like a mosquito in a nudist colony, they all look good to me!”
“That’s what *I* call him, Yomama Been Hidin’ because we can’t find him.”
“Don’t need to grow pheasant long because they ain’t gonna be around very long anyway.”
“I don’t want nobody peeing on my dream.”
“Good Lord only put one opening in the back and it ain’t to look through, unless you have a really crappy outlook.”
“Besides, I’m country, and when someone says pound that means beat the fire out of something.”

There was one speaker that spoke so fast I bit my own tongue in TWO places trying to keep up!

Never a dull moment in my job, ever…

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