"Tourt-cha….Tourt-cha….the whole day phrew…."

(title most unceremoniously stolen from the dear Executioner at GARF who serenaded us…)

“Nay, my dearest Tim Tam, thou shoud’st sniff Master Smiter’s drum just there, carefully avoiding his kilt and knees…”
Nay, Tim Tam, sniff right here...

“My Dear Lord Above, the Lady Potato Head has’t taken on the King’s Weiner, and appears to be winning!!”
The Lady Potato-Head Vs. The King's Weiner

“Hmmm, be it truly lady-like, my dear Antoinette, to chomp down on a fried pickle with such abandon?”
Mmmmm Fried...Pickle?

The Ladies of East Fairhaven…some of us anyway. What is so funny?
The Ladies of East Fairhaven

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