Dude…Life is Good!

The Obligatory LB photo
Originally uploaded by NanLassiter.

Weekend 2 of the Georgia Renaissance Festival is now in the can, as they say, and we made it through with only a few problems. I had to take a photo with a Lost Boy, of course, and since Tom Smiter is the one I know the best he was the lucky victim…er…target…er…yeah, whatever. Huzzah! Click here to see a slideshow of our weekend at faire!

1 thought on “Dude…Life is Good!”

  1. I\’ll have to show you the funny ones of Squirrel, Tom, Becca, and I. They\’re awesome, now if I could just get them sent to me, I\’ll show you. Flickr and photobucket will soon start having some new photos uploaded!There\’s one of Tom picking me up and slinging me over his back.You also missed my last hug of the day…. I\’ll tell you later…

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