You know you should go to bed when…

…you lose count how many orange slices you’ve had…the candy, not the oh-so-healthy fruit.

…the Showbiz Show makes you howl with laughter, even during the commercials.

…you call your “Friar Dave” costume project “McShane’s Sundress.”

…you realize that you’ve probably stayed up so long that you will have to skip your PM yoga and go straight to AM yoga.

…you blog about skipping PM yoga like anyone is interested.

…you sing three rounds of “World Leader Pretend” in your head and comment to the cat how much you miss REM.

…you comment about anything to the cat. THE CAT.

Just a hood, a tabard, and I’m done with Dave’s monk costume…if I don’t get ambitious and embroider some flowers on it and call it a sundress. Insomnia sucks.

2 thoughts on “You know you should go to bed when…”

  1. Oh, no no no, that would leave me with wonky seams! By the way, never mind the trim seams in that dress you borrowed… /grin

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