Thoughts before Bed

That should actually be thoughts before drugging myself to sleep. Somehow my internal clock, probably thrown off as it is every year by the torturous “Spring Forward” to Daylight Savings Time or Eastern Standard Time or Did I Forget To Change That Clock Time, the clock went all wonky today and I had the energy of a slug. I’m not sure if I’m coming down with a cold or if it’s just allergies, but the cold meds do NOTHING to help the sleepy during the day, this I do know.

At about noon I was feeling said sleepy so I decided to take a nap during my lunch hour. I woke up at THREE PM and checked my email and pager frantically, sure that I’d missed something huge from work. Nada. So instead of being responsible and hooking up a caffeine IV I decided to just lie down for a few more minutes…and woke up at 5:15.

While I was asleep I had the strangest dream and it was unfortunately not one of my lucid dreams where I can tell myself to wake up. I dreamed first that my house had a waterslide outside of it that I was riding over and over. Then I went into the house and all of my extended family were there, dressed to the nines. Scott showed up and they all left but his family showed up…and it was like we weren’t getting a divorce and everything was hunky and dory and all that. I even remember his brother and sister in law Jack and Sheila inviting me upstairs to see their new baby (which they do not have)!

I then went outside where Scott told me he was keeping the Element, all I had was the Civic that’s on it’s last legs, and then I noticed all the improvements he’d done to our Pit of Despair in Anderson. I asked him what he’d done to our house and he told me it was HIS house now and none of my business.

This dream played out over both sessions of sleep and I can’t imagine why I wanted to go back to it when I just laid down for my short two hour nap…Yeesh.

I think that I’m in a funk…and that’s what prompted the weird dreams. I’m off now to take my nightime meds in the hope that they will override any dreams…and just let me rest.

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