A Very Beany Birthday

Jeany, April 2000

Nine years ago, on a greyhound farm in Lee, Florida, a litter of all yellow fawn pups was born. They looked so much alike that the Nice Lady had to actually pick them up and look underneath, even when they were older, to know which one was which!

Today Buds Lady Jean, Buds Lady Jayne (adopted by GFNC and living in MD), Peter the Gun (adopted by GPA Orlando and living in Orlando), My T Bud (adopted by GFNC and living in NC I think) and BB’s Mariline are all 9 years old. I can’t believe the spooky little girl that was just barely three when she first walked out of her crate and put her head on my shoulder is NINE!!!

It’s a special birthday too because this time last year I thought that she would be going to live with her Daddy, and that I had celebrated the last birthday with her in my home…but she’s here now, lying on the guest room bed and basking in the sun…here with ME.

Happy birthday, Beautiful. Mommy loves you so much. We’ll have Frosty Paws later…

Jeany, Summer 2005

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  1. Wow, the Bean is 9!I\’m glad you still have her.I\’m also glad you got some sleep yesterday!


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