I think I may be coming down with something, so my post today is going to be random stuff slung together…that’s about the best my brain can do at the moment.

Quote from this past weekend that only Rennies would understand:

It’s always good to have friends that ride horses and carry big sticks.

Funniest Thing that Happened Over the Weekend:

While shopping for shorts with Thug and Amy in an effort to not completely lose my sanity to sewing, we came across a pair of shorts in Belks…BELKS, mind you…bastion of polyester suits and sensible shoes, one step up the teenage acceptable clothes ladder from SEARS…that Amy thought were exactly what Thug was wanting and would satisfy the length requirements at her middle school. “See,” Amy says knowingly, “you can just roll them up to make them shorter than Bermuda length when you’re not at school! How much are…Holy Jesus Lord…” The shorts, which were denim and showed multiple signs of repeated distress including strings left to dangle where they had obviously been cut from a pair of jeans with dull kitchen scissors, were $87. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Jeans Shorts. Holes and rips. Cut off with strings hanging. Had that look that says they haven’t been washed for a year despite repeated trips either under a car that’s leaking oil or to the Varsity in Atlanta with someone who has never heard of napkins. Eighty-Seven Dollars.

Best Moment of Clarity from the Weekend:

Despite the fact that I taught myself to sew, more or less, and I find a lot of the tasks that used to frighten me to be quite simple, I cannot and should not ever try to teach someone else to do anything involving a needle, as evidenced by Thug’s attempt (at my encouragement) to hand sew hooks and eyes into her costume’s waistband. She did exactly what I told her to do, which was not at all what I meant, and I ended up doing it myself. Thug’s ability to sew had nothing to do with the knotted mess she handed me to fix…it was, as I’ve said, exactly what I told her to do.

Thing I Wish I Could Remember From the Weekend:

There was some story that I was telling Amy as we were walking through Haywood Mall that made her laugh until I think she almost snorted. Why am I only randomly funny? Thank goodness I never tried to make comedy my living, despite how well Profile and I apparently do with it.

Why You Should Never Give a Digital Camera to a Thirteen Year Old (especially when you are trying on the new corset you just got in the mail that you found on Ebay…):

Thanks Thug, Amy, and Drew for a fun weekend!!!

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