Zen, Insomnia, and the Art of Dishwashing

I had a great post in my head while I was washing my dishes earlier but of course by the time I put the last dish away it was gone. I am still amazed that I’m washing dishes by hand…so many things have changed since I moved to Greenville.

I wash dishes almost every day. Six months ago putting my hands anywhere near a sink full of water and food and soap would have made me gag, and when I first moved here I thought I’d die with no dishwasher. Well, I have a dishwasher…me.

Every time the dogs need to go out I either let them out or I clean up the carpet. There is no one else for me to poke and say “Your dog needs to go out.” In the mornings when the dogs wake up at FIVE AM on a weekend wanting their breakfast, I either have to ignore them and try to go back to sleep or just bite the bullet and get up and take care of them.

Today I had a slight rug malfunction that is probably related to my current insomnia. Franny was under the coffee table trying to avoid the antibiotic I was trying to squirt in her mouth and I was on my hands and knees trying to get her out. She bolted, suddenly, so I decided to be smart and spring forward and grab her rather than standing all the way up and letting her get away.

Did I mention that I have hardwood floors and nothing holding my rug to the floor?

When I tried to go forward the rug went backward. I slammed into the floor on my elbows. Currently it feels like there is something in my forearms trying to dig its way out. Hard to get comfy with all that ruckus going on!

So anyway, hopefully tomorrow morning I will remember the post that I came up with while washing the dishes…but only if I sleep first…

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