Timeline of Procrastination

November, 2005
-break down tent at CRF
-say temporary goodbyes to other cast members
-make plans for new garb to debut at GARF in the spring

December, 2005
-become overwhelmed with moving, put off new garb
-become overwhelmed with ice storm, put off new garb till you get back in your house and the power is on and it’s warm enough to sew
-Christmas…need I say more?
-New Year’s…friends don’t let friends sew drunk. Put off garb until after Lost Boys show in Georgia.

January, 2006
-recover from New Year’s Eve.
-purchase interfacing and thread for Kalyne’s new garb. Put off your own till you have hers and Dave’s done.

February, 2006
-This month is missing two days, so I can’t possibly be held accountable, responsible, nor guilty for the fact that I didn’t sew a single thing during the month of February.
-invite Kalyne down for a “sewing weekend,” watch movies and play on the internet instead.

March, 2006
-have a major panic attack over the fact that the festival in GA is next month
-sit down at the computer to look for a costume to just buy and spend 8 hours looking through ebay
-wash old dress from last year and hope that it still fits

I’m flipping out today because I only have about three weeks to get Kalyne’s dress done and I haven’t even started!!! I’m heading down to Georgia on Saturday to take stuff to Mom and Dad’s storage building and hopefully get Dad to help me with her costume. I’ve bid on a corset on ebay so I don’t have to redo mine, and I’ll just wear the McDonald dress again. It is one of my favorites after all…

Miranda’s dress will just have to remain an idea (that you can see the beginnings of here) until after GARF…at which point all the procrastinating will resume again in earnest, I’m sure.

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  1. I will come down and help if you would like me to. I am now on Spring Break and have no school all of next week or tomorrow, although I\’m still going to help teachers and get community service. I will help in whatever way necessary. There\’s no other choice though, \’cause all I have are peasant clothes!

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