Closing Doors and Opening Windows, Part II

On St. Patrick’s Day six years ago, I drove out to a small town in South Carolina to pick up a gangly, skinny greyhound named Hunk. We had been out to look at the hounds that GC had available the week before, and while I’d gone looking for a female when this huge male brindle (29 inches at the shoulder, but only 68lbs at the time) looked up at me I fell into his eyes and never looked back. I think the group’s director even took a picture of me and Hunk gazing at each other that first day.

Hunk, two days after adoption.

In August of that same year we got a foster called Profile. Also 29 inches at the shoulder, but with a personality that was 10 feet tall and bulletproof. He was adopted out at the end of August but the following February bounced back to us and we never let him leave again. So on March 17th, 2001 we officially adopted Profile. I will never forget him coming back into our house that first day…I’d gone to get him from the GC director’s house and he was so timid and withdrawn, not anything like the pup that had left us the August before. He came into the house, sniffed around, and then started wagging his tail.

Profile’s Gotcha Day photo.

Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some Jeany-Bean and she’ll get her own gotcha day next month, but my boys are my heart. Especially right now, with losing Zooey, they are an amazing source of strength and love for me. Not to mention Profile’s penchant for spinning in circles in the tiny front bedroom while tossing toys around willy nilly and grinning like an idiot…

Happy Gotcha Day, Boys!!! Thanks for picking me to be your Mommy. I love you very very much.

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