Out with the Old, In with the NEW…sorta

This weekend I will be bidding a fond farewell to some furniture that has served me well over the past eleven years. Wow, eleven years, that’s really an incredible lifespan for a couch and loveseat!

I got the loveseat first when I moved to West Virginia. (My apartment was too small for the couch.) I sat on that loveseat, ate dinner on that loveseat, raised two precocious kittens on that loveseat…I even camped out on it, surrounded securely by a ring of Raid sprayed onto the carpet, when those little bundles of fluffy joy expelled their fleas into my apartment…

I then moved to Athens. The couch was reunited with the loveseat and the three of us lived, loved, slept, and ate together for three years in my wonderful little townhome on the East side. I miss that apartment, truth be told. My cats were bigger and less prone to scaling the ends of the furniture like tiny mountain climbers.

When I got married and moved to South Carolina, I parted ways with the sofa and loveseat. They were cleaned well and went to live with my sister in her new apartment. She kept them and used them and slept on them and all as I moved from my house in Spartanburg to an apartment in Anderson to a house in Anderson. She then married Dave and no longer needed the sofa and loveseat so they again came to live with me.

When we separated and I moved out last November, the sofa and loveseat came with me. Alas, they are but mere shells of their former selves, having had six years worth of greyhound toes digging into their cushions and now eleven years of heineys sitting on them. I was forced to buy slip covers for them just so they didn’t look so ragged and inviting to even more digging from the hounds.

I fear I have kept them alive past their prime, and all I am doing now is prolonging their suffering. However, Amy and Charles have come to the rescue. They got new furniture with their tax refund and are giving me their sofa, loveseat, and matching chair! No more slip covers. Just happy, clean sofas.

Now I just need to do something with my old friends. Leaving them out on the curb doesn’t seem right, and putting them on the front porch would make me look even more white trashy than I already do. Maybe Goodwill has a nuclear powered furniture-cleaner-upper somewhere back in their store…

3 thoughts on “Out with the Old, In with the NEW…sorta”

  1. Now I have to figure out when I can get the \”blue plaid set of doom\” from it\’s current home as I sort of bailed on them yesterday. Thanks for being patient, Amy and Charles!!

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