More Shaking and More Adjectives

Sunday, 5 March, continued

We got to the La Quinta where we were staying till Tuesday morning only to be told that we could not check in until 1pm. It was about 12:55pm. But no, no check in, no keys given, no nada until 1pm sharp. We waited the five minutes that seemed an eternity to the growly tired hoarde in my car, and then headed off to our room.

The door wouldn’t open. Finally my roommate Diane gave it a good shove and it relented, nearly sending her flying into the bathroom. We had a good laugh about that and then discovered that this teeny tiny room had no refrigerator. Wouldn’t be a problem, but since I feed raw I wasn’t relishing the idea of keeping raw beef and chicken backs in my room in just a cooler full of ice.

Apologies to those with sensitive tummies for not warning you before I described the meals I had for the puppers…

I got on the phone to the front and they said they would have a room for us with a working door and a refrigerator on the second floor “shortly.” After determining that they did not know how long “shortly” would be we headed out with Janet and Leah to Walmart. Janet is from Canada, and says that all her trips to the states require a trip to Walmart because the selection at our Walmarts is better than that of the ones in her country. May I direct you to my post on Polka Dotted Undies and BBQ for a discussion on the inventory at your local US Walmart? Anyway…

We got back and there was still no room ready so Diane and I waited and waited and waited and hounded “Fingernails” at the desk and waited…and got our keys. We hurried off to get the dogs and head upstairs.

The door wouldn’t work…at first, but I soon learned how to shove it to get it open.

Sunday night we went to a WONDERFUL BBQ at Mama Cathie and Daddy Bill’s. The dogs got to run in their turn out pen which is long enough for them to get to full speed I think. Jeany was her usual tarty self and more than once gave some boy dogs the eye only to give them an ugly paragraph when they tried to get friendly with her. Hussy.

The highlight was sitting on the ground in the puppy run with Anne having our hair done by puppies. I even have the scars to prove it…precious little buggars.

More to come…

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