With wind in my hair and sand in their paws…

The pups and I are taking off on our first real vacation together tomorrow morning. We’re going to Sandy Paws, a greyhound gathering on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. While technically my first “single” vacation was Mountain Hounds last summer, that was a hard trip for me because it was the weekend Liz died. So this one, with all THREE of my puppers, is going to count as the first.

The link in the title is to Daisy’s blog. I’ll be meeting my beautiful baby girl on Monday, and I can hardly wait!! I’m thinking that I’m going to give her a very special present while I’m there, from me and my Lizzard…if I don’t change my mind. I have a collar ordered and paid for that is coming with the vendor to SP, so I’ll get to give her that as well. Be sure to check out Daisy’s blog for pictures of our first meeting, as well as my flickr album of her pictures.

Rest, relaxation, shopping, doggies, and the beach…plus meeting Daisy and getting to go to the track Monday night. What could be better??

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  1. I\’m so happy you\’re going for your first real vacation!You totally deserve it!Hope you have LOADS AND LOADS OF FUN!!!!-Kalyne


  2. Be sure to check her blog for updates and lots o piccies!!! 🙂


  3. You know I totally will!P.S.-Got my braces, and guess what color?TEAL!


  4. I didn\’t give her Lizzard\’s blankie, just in case anyone is wondering. I bought her one at the local walmart that is purple and has lots of SUPER MONKIES on it!!


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