You know you’re exhausted when…Part Two

Let me quickly say first that I have a wonderful boss. He is a very intelligent man, quick-witted, dry sense of humor, and an all around good guy. I am quite lucky to work for someone who trusts my work enough to let me do my job without hovering about…rare in a state job. So no worries about getting Dooce’d over this posting.

One thing my boss is NOT is observant. I once cut about 10 inches off my hair and it took him several months to ask me what looked different about me. It requires a radical change in one’s appearance to get his attention and even more so to make him comment…such as if I stopped wearing suits to interpret in probate court and suddenly showed up in a halter top and flip flops. Well, actually, that would probably involve the authorites, an indecent exposure charge and some sort of endangerment to minors, but I digress…

My boss looked at me today and said, “Are you all right? You look sort of…” (pause as he, God bless him, searches for a non-offensive way to say I look like the underside of a mudflap in a blizzard)

“I look sort of what?”

“Well, sort of…grrrrrr.”


“Yeah, you know, grrr. Tense.”

I reminded him what day it was, and said that I was tired, and I handed him my leave slip from being out sick yesterday. God bless him again, he didn’t ask any more questions.

And here I thought that I looked rather “weeeee hooooo” with a touch of “oh mah gaaahd how granola!” today, as I skipped the makeup (to avoid raccoon-ism should I think of Bo and cry) and have my rats nest of curly tresses pulled up in a ponytail. I wonder if it’s my shoulders that are saying “grrrr” or perhaps my giant forehead…it does tend to snarl a bit when I pull back the hair that it normally hides behind.

Thank goodness it’s only 2 weeks until I leave to go to Sandy Paws and Jacksonville for five days…we wouldn’t want my “grrrr” to turn into a “rawr” or a “grrooowwwwl” because that’s when people get hurt. It’s only funny until someone’s attitude puts out an eye, after all.

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