Walking in a Slushy Wonderland

The forecast for this morning calls for “Snow…mixed with and becoming…Rain.” To those in the more northern areas of the country, that’s no big deal, an every day occurance, etc. etc. To those of us in the south, that means YIKES. Snow that becomes rain most often becomes ice. Just check the December posts here to see what ice has the potential to do.

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee slowly, totally stalling, and refreshing the SC State Employee Weather alert page in the hopes that I won’t have to make that 45 minute drive to work this morning. Alas, “No areas of SC are experiencing hazardous weather at this time.” There was a day or so last month that it also said that, but we had one of the worst ice storms on record in Greenville. I just hope the dear Governor learned a lesson from that one and will act appropriately should the weather get bad this time. I understand, of course, that the capitol of SC is in Columbia which is located on the surface of the SUN…but up here in the foothills we do get some nasty weather from time to time.

I guess it’s time to bite the bullet, down the last of the coffee, and get ready to go to work. Maybe just one more refresh before I do…

Edited around 10am to add: So far no snow…at least not down here in Anderson where I’m working today. The weather channel’s website has gone from predicting doom and gloom (more gloom than doom, really) to advising that the temperature will be in the 50s tomorrow.

So…which season are we in again?

Allegedly we’re supposed to start getting the snow…mixed with and changing to…rain…showers in some spots starting this afternoon rather than at 9am as originally suggested by said weather channel.

Maybe Columbia is sharing it’s warm warm warm wealth with the rest of the state today?

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