Overheard on NPR

Dubya referred to himself as the “Educator in Chief” as well as the “Commander in Chief.” I don’t think I even have to comment on that, he’s done all the work for me.

Have mercy.

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  1. During Bush\’s time as president, high school graduation rates in the U.S. reached an all-time high, according to the Census Bureau. I think I\’d probably toot my horn about that too, wouldn\’t you?

  2. Maybe, if he had been talking about education in America. However, he was referring to the war in Iraq and how the American people didn\’t need to worry about what was going on over there…he would \”teach\” us as the Commander in Chief. It was part of his speech given at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville as a follow up to his state of the union address.

  3. Ahh OK. I hadn\’t read the speech – I just listened to the SoTU.Now that I\’ve done some research on his opry speech, I still don\’t see any reference to him telling us we don\’t need to worry about what\’s going on in Iraq.Can you give me a link to where he says that?

  4. Well, you can\’t get transcripts from NPR without purchasing them so I\’m still looking. However, what I was referring to is quoted in the blog entry after this one:\”People are uncertain, in spite of our strong union, because of war. And I understand that. I think it is — my job is as much \”educator-in-chief\” as it is Commander-in-Chief. And during times of uncertainty it\’s important for me to do what I\’m doing today, which is to explain the path to victory, to do the best I can to articulate my optimism about the future. \”By \”didn\’t need to worry\” I was referring to feeling uncertain, but what I got from what he said was that we don\’t have to feel uncertain because he will explain it to us.

  5. While what I hear is that he understands that living in a time of war makes everyone feel uncertain and he\’s going to try to alleviate our fears by explaining how we plan to achieve victory.Hey, how many liberals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?Two: one liberal to hold it and one newscaster to spin it.:)

  6. Didn\’t we just say the exact same thing? The real difference is that you support him and I don\’t. I\’m terrified by him. No spin there, just difference of opinion.Besides, NPR didn\’t \”spin\” what he said either. They played the soundbyte on the air, I got afraid, and posted. All there is to it. 🙂

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