TGIFive O’Clock…almost

Today has been super long. Yesterday was worse, admittedly, because I had one of those migraines that makes you want to take a pair of scissors and hack away at your neck till your head falls off. Today I’ve been in the post migraine foggy land where you aren’t quite sure what time nor day it is and you just want to sit down somewhere and STARE.

I misjudged how long it would take me to get to my first assignment this morning and slid into the office, I thought, only 4 minutes late. Turns out I was actually early. My assignment is for 10:30am NEXT Friday. As I’m getting ready to head back to the house, growling all the way HA HA HA, I check my pager.

Hey, look at that, I do have an assignment this morning! The only problem is that it’s about 45 minutes drive away, and starts in under an hour from the time I noticed the note in my planner.

Indy 500 ain’t got NUTTIN on an interpreter late for an assignment.

Of course, because I again have no concept of time I got to the assignment ten minutes early and it was late getting started by 30 minutes.

I love my Blackberry for entertainment while sitting and waiting on a job to start.

However, after that I was free to browse Barnes and Noble and run errands. I keep heading for the SciFi/Fantasy sections of bookstores to see if just maybe Terry Goodkind has another book coming out in his Sword of Truth series. I almost can’t read Chainfire just because I know it’s the next to the last one and I don’t want the series to end. Kudos to Mike for turning me on to this author.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand…

So now I’m home, the dogs are begging for an early dinner, and it’s almost five 0’clock. I have a vacuum cleaner to put together, spaghetti to make (without the onion soup this time), and a house to generally clean.

What was I thinking, this day seems long…?

4 thoughts on “TGIFive O’Clock…almost”

  1. This day did seem very long.I had \’ghetti for dinner tonight too.Zack is here with me, well, he\’s watching T.V. but whatever.*le sigh*

  2. No. But I\’m under some added stress, I\’d say, and the weather has been so wacky…they tend to get worse when the weather can\’t make up it\’s mind which season to throw at us.

  3. Yes, I\’d forgotten the added stress factor – I think that was just the worried mother coming out in me! We\’re still very firmly stuck in winter – ick. Be glad you\’re coming in August.

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