House 2, Nan 0

Actually that should be Lack of Cooking Skill 2 or Lack of Patience 2, Nan 0. I had such plans for dinner tonight. Before my friends moved to New Mexico, they gave me some stuff out of their freezer that wouldn’t have survived the trip, including some pork chops. I took them out several days ago to let them properly thaw in the fridge, bought some scrumptious asian ginger dressing, and put the chops and some baby carrots in a baking dish with the dressing to cook.

30 minutes later, they were only cooked on one side each. Ahhhh my mistake, I’d left them stacked on top of each other. Rearrange, replace, reset timer…lie down to take a quick nap on the sofa (I’d only set the timer for 15 minutes…didn’t want pork leather for dinner).

Timer goes off, but chops are not white on the inside like they should be. Pop them back in for another 20 minutes. In the meantime, eat a bowl of broccoli florets with the same yummy dressing.

Remove pork chops just as Scott arrives to drop off my mail. Fabulous. Pork chops smell and taste to me like meat that should have been cooked about 3 days prior. Scott pronounces them a success and decrees something to be wrong with my sense of taste.

By the way, after a combined hour and five minutes cooking at 350 degrees the carrots were still crispy mostly. I really need to clean that oven.

I started to just give up and make some couscous but had a few spoonsful of honey crunch peanut butter instead and called it a night. I have one of those complete meal dealies in the cabinet for tomorrow night and an Already Made So You Can Just Heat and Eat Huxtable’s Shepherd’s Pie in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.

The kitchen came with the house…and it’s another week till payday or I’d just order pizza.

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