…the kitchen just came with the house…

So I set out to make myself some lunch today, right? Simple enough. I have some beef that needs to be cooked, I have some spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, and I have some incredibly good whole wheat pasta. No problem. I will make the first meal I actually cook (couscous doesn’t count, really, because you just heat water, throw the stuff in and let it sit there 5 minutes) be reminiscent of the first meal we cooked in our house in England…spaghetti.

No spices in my spice rack…problem. Ah, but I am a Tim Horton’s Coffee Fueled Genius this morning! This is not a problem! I have some french onion soup mix in the cabinet!

If you’re groaning at this point and saying to yourself “Dear Lord, she really should not be left alone to fend for herself…” WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU AN HOUR AGO???

Anyway…I was luckily astute enough NOT to add the entire four cup of soup packet to the meat as it was cooking. Brown the meat, add the sauce, start the pasta.

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Drink more Tim Horton’s Coffee that is really too strong but is my last bit of this Mana From Heaven until my next shipment gets here from Canada. Timer goes off. Drain the pasta.

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Like my nifty collander? Next time I will get one with legs on the bottom, so that the yummy pasta doesn’t have to touch the icky bottom of the sink…

My happy little kitchen…

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All that work and I have this to show for it:

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Looks tasty eh? Yeah, it wasn’t. There isn’t enough parmesean cheese on the earth to cover up what french onion soup does when combined with spaghetti sauce. Note the cup of Tim Horton’s in the background and the sad little coffee maker that will have to wait a few days before it can again produce the Mana From Heaven.

By the way, don’t ever put french onion soup mix into meat that you intend to combine with tomato sauce. It’s just not a good plan. It’s true, what it says on the trivet Amy gave me as a housewarming gift: “The only reason I have a kitchen is that it came with the house.”

3 thoughts on “…the kitchen just came with the house…”

  1. Negative. As you can clearly see in the photo that shows the entire stove top, I have a spice rack. It\’s one you and Charles gave us as a wedding present, actually. You can also clearly see that said rack is empty…hence the french onion soup that is STILL perfuming my house…

  2. Here\’s something yumm-o and easy to do with french onion soup mix:Ingredients:1 baking potato, cut up into chunks1 package french onion soup mixOlive oilDirections:Pre-heat oven to 350. Place cut-up potatoes in baking dish, pour onion soup mix over. Drizzle with a generous amount of olive oil (or vegetable oil, although olive oil tastes better imho) and mix.Bake at 350 for approximately 15 minutes or until potatoes are golden and soft.Goes great with hamburgers or hot dogs.

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