Catching the Rabbit

Rabbit Picnic
Originally uploaded by NanLassiter.

This week has gone by incredibly fast. Time flies when you’re hanging on by the toenails, eh?

This week, I discovered a new food source for the puppers. It’s a little bit expensive, but GEEZOMINEYMANALIVE do they love it. The link is in the title there. So far they’ve had a variety of what the place offers but I think their favorite is the rabbit.Funny eh? Only one of the three of them got to grade A and even he didn’t stay there long while racing. They had to retire to get the rabbit.

Okay, only funny to me. My house may smell like a barnyard at feeding time (and I haven’t even gotten to the green tripe yet!) but crimney do I have some happy puppers. And that’s worth the smell…I promise.

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