I forgot the shepherd’s pie…

Yesterday is a blur after about 10am. I should have known that there was a migraine a’comin because I woke up on time yesterday morning but couldn’t seem to make myself do anything at better than a snail’s pace. I did manage to make it to the hospital only about 10 minutes late, though…

Around 10 I started getting a little pain behind my right eye. No big, with my sinuses and me living in the land of roller-coaster temperatures and dandery cats, I am quite accustomed to having a little sinus pain almost all the time. The pain then grew, quite suddenly, to encompass most of the right side of my head. Great…I haven’t eaten anything so the excedrin I keep in my desk won’t do me any good till lunch time. Keep reading your book, Nan. Keep reading your…okay, now the pain has shot down the back of my neck like the last hill on the Mindbender at Six Flags. My face flushed and I felt nauseous.

This sounding familiar to any of you with migraines?

The lights in my office, which are fluorescent by the way, suddenly jumped in brightness to that of a theater spotlight, but it was an angry spotlight, intent on burning a hole through the top of my head in order to release whatever wild animal was currently clawing at the inside of my skull.

Nicole, God love her, agreed to come cover the hospital knowing she’d be back again today, and I finally walked out of there around 11. Everything was too hot and too bright, but I managed to drive to a Wendy’s to eat something (yeah, I know, fast food, but sometimes it helps!) so that I could take the excedrin. I managed to make it to Publix to get cat food (to lessen the yawling that would go on were I to leave them without food till dinner) before the clawing of the wild critter, momentarily distracted by the magic chemicals in the Wendy’s hamburger, began again trying to scrape holes in my eyes.

I took the excedrin around 12:30. Why is that monumental, important, or even worth mentioning? Because Excedrin Migraine, nectar of the gods, fastest way to lose the blindness and calm the critter known to man… can only be taken once every 24hrs. By 1pm I was relatively normal. A co-worker came by, we chatted…and by 2:30 when she left, I could feel the critter starting up again. I immediately hopped in the bed and slept for about four hours, waking up to the same icepick being driven through my right eye.

I admit to standing in the bathroom, holding the excedrin up to my temple, hoping that it would relieve the pain through osmosis. I also admit to wondering how bad taking one now, only 22hrs early, could possibly make me feel? I already wanted to remove my right eyeball with a spoon and hold my head under the faucet in the tub, mouth open, until I drowned. Could taking two doses too close together really make me THAT sick?

I didn’t try it. I instead downed three 16oz bottles of water in rapid succession, having read somewhere that water can help ease headache pain. Ease yes. Eradicate, no.

I think it’s all because I forgot the shepherd’s pie part of my earlier migraine cure.

On a not at all related note, the same small minded idiot has again made a purchase using Scott’s debit card number at the same Rent A Center. I’m so mad that I could just scream…but I’m afraid that loud noise would wake the critter in my eye, so I’m just going to quietly stew for now.

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  1. Oh, I\’m so sorry to hear the pain you\’re going through. Migraines suck. Not stink, suck.I hate when i get them. I\’ve been getting them since I was 7, and to make it worse, my mom didn\’t believe me when I was 7. Be glad you go some medicine.My mom once has 5 excedrin\’s in one day….. A couple months ago she read the bottle directions…. Yea, I know.I hope you feel better.-K

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