Just a quick one…

…So that ebeth will have something to read! Just kidding…

I’ve had a rather stressful week. I know, when is it not…but this week has been particularly vivid. You see, someone stole something from me and Scott. Some reprehensible jerk got the number to Scott’s debit card somehow and used it to buy something. An equally reprehensible jerk at a Rent A Center store here in Greenville processed the transaction, and now we are less $103.95. But never fear, oh small minded (bleeeeeeeep) we will find out who you are. I was so mad yesterday when I got the number of the store in Greenville that I had to make myself calm down before I called. And don’t think that just going over there and grabbing a fist full of shirt hasn’t crossed my mind.

Why be angry at the store, you ask? Why not just direct my ire at the (bleeeeeeeeeeep) who made the purchase? Because the purchase was made with a number, not a card…I’ve seen Scott’s card, it’s in his wallet. No one thought that was odd, to make a purchase of over $100 with just a number and no id check??

Now if I find out it was made via the internet that will be a different story…but for right now I’m angry and I feel violated. Luckily the bank where we still have a joint account (I know, I know) was very nice and helpful when I called them in a panic that someone had compromised our account.

And for readers who are sitting there thinking “Nancy, Nancy, Nancy…” If the he you’re thinking of is guilty, then he will be found out. I’m not that much of a pushover, at least not anymore…

4 thoughts on “Just a quick one…”

  1. Oh yuck. I\’d be pissed too, especially if the purchase was made by telephone, without any kind of verification.I hope the bank reimburses you.

  2. are you sure scott didn\’t go to the rent-a-centre? (who me, untrusting.. noooo)i really hope you get your money back, nan!thanks for writing just for me.:)

  3. That is the he to whom I made reference…but I\’m pretty sure not. I mean, why would he do that? Anyone that knows him knows he is quite the miser with his money, so that just wouldn\’t make sense. He knows I suspected him, though…did you read that it happened AGAIN?

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