My Favorite Things

The title is inspired by the HILARIOUS episode of Will & Grace I watched last night, followed by a series premier that I think has incredible potential if people can see past the obvious likeness to Friends…”4 Kings.”

But on to the topic at hand…

Today I feel like talking about two of my favorite things, just because I have had a positively rotten few days recently and need to cheer myself up. (Of course, thinking of Debra Messing bursting into song last night is enough to make me crack a giggle, but I digress…)

1. My animals. I know that everyone that knows me knows how much they mean to me, but I am not exaggerating when I say that they save my life on a daily basis. When I’m so tired of being alone that I want to just lock myself in my room and not come out in the mornings…when I want to just run away from everything and never come back, something happens with them that turns me back around. Whether it’s knowing that if I ran away they’d starve (at least until Profile figured out how to get the fridge door open) or just sitting at my desk and having one of them come over for attention. They need me, and that is what I need to know. (Not to mention the times they make me laugh until I nearly pee.)

2. My computer. Holy MOLY what would I do without it? The 6 days that I had no power during the ice storm I think I nearly went psychotic. And of course, the day I come to the office where I can actually get on the internet…it’s down because the power was also out at the hospital. My computer is my portal to friends that I can’t see in person and can’t afford the long distance to call. My computer houses my writing and my graphics work. Yeah…okay maybe it’s more of an addiction than a favorite thing…

What are your favorite things???

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Things”

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I read some of your other blogs and I liked them a lot. I think that its great that you adopt retired greyhounds. I\’m actually in the racing industry, although at a horsetrack rather than dogs. Not enough people care about the welfare of the animals.

  2. i\’m thankful for friends, old and new.. my family and my brain. (the latter which helps me enjoy computers, work, etc):)

  3. I\’m thankful for moms that fix wonderful lunches even though their hearts are breaking over the impending departure of family members…so that old friends can catch up ten years worth of laughter and friendship. 🙂

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