They…are the Lost Boys…my friends…

Yoo Hoo?
Originally uploaded by NanLassiter.

I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve weekend. I had agreed to take a dear friend of mine, Kalyne, to Georgia to hear the Lost Boys play at, of all places, a comic book convention. Here you can see the reason many of the young ladies that are “fangirls” of the Boys in Teal attend their shows…Angus Archibald Douglas, the angry Scotsman. In that song he was reminding us not to spill the ale, but was surprised to find in the can he’d borrowed… “Yoo Hoo?”

One of the great things about these four men is how incredibly into their performances they are, and how attentive to their audiences. Many times they would pose for pictures mid-song if they noticed someone pointing a camera at them. They are incredibly talented men and their shows are just a joy to attend. If you have a chance to visit the Georgia Renaissance Festival you can experience the Lost Boys there, and I highly recommend it. Click on the picture there to see more photos from my NYE weekend.

Oh, and if you go the second or third weekend you just might see me, red-faced from the heat, following three greyhounds about…

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  1. Yes, m\’dear, it was. Thanks for letting me go along with you, even if I DID act mom-ish…


  2. Mom-ish is better than not being there for me.♥


  3. I\’m always there for you, Thug, you know that. /hugs


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