On the Road Again

My dear Thug brought up a good point the other day on the phone. She said “You sure do travel a lot!” She had called me twice in as many days and both times caught me on the road to Georgia. I was thinking about how much I drive this morning as I was driving from Greenville to Anderson for work.

Tomorrow I will be driving almost to North Carolina to pick up said Thug. Then Saturday I will be driving to Lawrenceville for a Lost Boys concert at…gulp…a comic book convention. Once the merriment and revelry are done, Thug and I will drive back up to my house in Greenville for the night.

But wait, there’s more…

The following weekend, I will be returning to Georgia to attend a party thrown by my sister and her husband, but it will be a tad less stressful because I can take my dogs with me to their house. Christmas I worried the entire time because I can’t take my dogs to my parents’ house. Also, I may be able to see my friend ebeth while I’m there…I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years since I’ve seen her in person, and I’m so incredibly excited at the possiblity of meeting Andrew and MC in person!

I travel a lot…but my life is never dull, I suppose.

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