How to Temporarily Distract a Migraine


1 12oz Coke Zero, consumed while driving to work from a blue Aladdin insulated-cup-thingy
1 Little Debbie Apple Pie, consumed while driving back to work from the gas station
2 Excedrin extra-strength coated tablets, purchased at the aforementioned gas station
1 20oz Diet Mountain Dew, purchased prior to the Excedrin in vain attempt to avoid taking medicine by using caffiene (diet because we’re watching our calories…never mind the apple pie), all in an effort to ward off the blistering pain over my left eye
1 Huxtable’s Beef Shepherd’s Pie, otherwise known as The Ambrosia of The Gods of the Walmart Deli Case

I’m not sure, but I think the shepherd’s pie coupled with a four word story including “they called him…Tater Salad” from the Lost Boys Gathering Place forums MIGHT have done the trick…though the monitor still has a funny aura around it and my ears are ringing louder than the Carol of the Bells…

3 thoughts on “How to Temporarily Distract a Migraine”

  1. So far so good…either I\’ve just gone deaf in the past few minutes, or the ringing in my ears has subsided to a dull roar.Excedrin Migraine is my drug of choice but they don\’t carry that at the gas station so I had to improvise with the rest. 🙂

  2. My mom has had a migraine for the past few days and NOTHING is working. She\’s coming home today early from work, and that means I get to take care of her more as I have been doing.Migraines suck, period.

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