The Day After The Day After Christmas

I know some of you are back at work today. I’m so terribly sorry. I don’t have to go back to work until Thursday, and then after working for two days will have another day off for New Year’s. You may commence the tomato hurling….now.

I now have a fridge in my kitchen, and it has food in it! This morning I had a marvelous breakfast of blueberry bagel with butter and a latte with dulce de leche creamer. Yeah, so I’ll start my diet tomorrow…

Christmas was grand fun, and will continue tomorrow when I venture back to Georgia to see Susan and Dave who were visiting his family in Alabama over the actual Christmas weekend.

I really feel like my house is home now. My cats are here, my dogs are here…and I have a new DVD player to learn how to use (thanks to Mom and Daddy) as well as a new VCR so no more missed Days of Our Lives!!

3 thoughts on “The Day After The Day After Christmas”

  1. I will be in Lawrenceville for New Years attending a Lost Boys concert with my thug there (bladeinmyheart) but perhaps the weekend before you fly away again?

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