Mommy is an Idiot or Profile’s Big Adventure Part Two

Stupid people really make me mad, especially when it’s me that’s stupid.

There is a gentleman working for my landlord that is painting the outside of my house. On several occasions I have mentioned to him that when I have the dogs living here full time (almost there, not quite, still no fridge ), he has got to make absolutely sure that every time he comes into or goes out of the back yard he closes the gates behind him.

You can see where this is going, I’m sure.

Yesterday he was supposed to paint my front porch and iron railing and front door. This was to be done with oil based exterior paint, so he was going to leave a trail for me to get to the door that would be painted later. I get here last night, nothing has been done. Nada. Zip.

Or so I think…

I went back to the old house to spend the night last night and then came early this morning to leave the doggies here before I went to work. Being the good mom I am, I let them out in the yard before I left them here.

Yeah, this is the part where I’m stupid.

I didn’t look before I opened the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard. All three dogs sprinted for the back of the yard to do various and sundry doggie business. I walked out on the deck and that’s when I saw the gate standing wide open…unfortunately Profile saw it the same time I did and decided to go exploring.

Apparently the guy had been painting the back of my house, rather than the front like he told me.

For those familiar with the Greenville, SC area, my road is off Laurens Road, otherwise known as HIGHWAY 276, otherwise known as A VERY BUSY ROAD. I jumped off the deck, ran after Profee (shutting the gate as I went through it) and when I got out of the yard I couldn’t see him. I was screaming for him…no Profile. I ran out into my street, no Profile…but the gate leading to my neighbor’s yard was open. Sure enough, Mr. File had gone to check out their back yard. I ran in, shut the gate, and resisted pinching his little head off long enough to drag him back to my yard…then I hugged the stuffing out of him until he growled at me to let him go.

I’m buying a padlock for my gate.

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