The Jinx is in the Homestretch

I’m hoping that my jinx-y tendencies only apply to college and major league ball clubs (any time I turn on a Braves or Bulldogs game to watch they lose), because I think I’m close enough to step over the threshold into my new life as far as my house is concerned.

You know, it’s sentences like that one up there that keep me from being a published working author.

Anyway, as I type the Molly Maid cleaning service is at my house. The gas is on, the electricity is on, the water is on…it’s all sort of falling into place. (Pardon me as I quickly knock on the closest piece of faux-wood.) I could have kissed the operator I got at the gas company yesterday when she said “It was turned on at 9:45am, Ms. Lassiter.” Now, I will be off tomorrow starting at noon through Friday at 5pm, and will get the front bedrooms painted and that’s all she wrote. My new home will be ready for me to move in…now if I can just find the package that Vonage sent with my router so I will have phone service I’ll be golden…once Charter knows to transfer my service up there, that is…

The virtual key is in the lock…soon I’ll be locking the door behind me for real.

5 thoughts on “The Jinx is in the Homestretch”

  1. that is so awesome!! you go!! (as we\’ve been saying in our missions over on Prexus) gogogogogogo!!!! But you did forget one thing… you forgot to remind that sweet operator bearing such wondeful news that its MS ALLEN!!! /grin

  2. Ha Storrmie…it\’s not Ms. Allen yet, the SSA requires a pesky little thing like a divorce decree before one can change one\’s name and not involve expensive lawyers and such.And Amy, I see through you…you can\’t wait for me to babysit Drew in my new house while you and Charles cavort…hehehe

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