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The heat will be on after today, as the gas company is coming out to turn on the gas. Scott went by and unlocked the house for them this morning on his way to work. He and I went up Sunday to look at the kitchen to see what he could do to help me have a dishwasher in the house…and so far the news isn’t good. The cabinets are small, because they are probably original to the house, so they aren’t even big enough (there’s not really room anyway b/c of the size of the kitchen) to hold a standard dishwasher. I managed to find an 18 inch dishwasher at Lowe’s that has to be ordered…but it’s $400+ so I don’t know if my landlord will be willing to foot the bill for that. Ah, to be a Rockefeller…

The carpet is down in the master bedroom…the hole in the window has been replaced…the carpet in the guest room has been tacked back down and is anxiously awaiting a good cleaning. Now that I have power in the house (allegedly) and will have heat after today, I’m hoping that the cleaning service can get in there asap and then I can paint and move in. It’s rather frustrating to feel like I’ve made progress and then remember that I have to wait…

Scott wanted to move some of my stuff up there now, but I just can’t until it’s been cleaned or I know I’ll be sick with allergies. Soon, though, when Jeany decides at 2am that she needs to go out I will just cross the room and open the sliding glass door for her to go out…when I decide to make dinner I will make whatever I want…and hopefully will have a dishwasher to clean up with afterward.

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  1. Well, I lived in rental houses for about five years with no dishwasher – and it\’s really not that bad once you get used to it. Use paper plates a lot – that helps. 🙂

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