A Funny from my Blackberry

I get spam from time to time on my Blackberry. No biggie, I just delete it. It really amuses me when it has attachments…it’s a pager address, nimrod, what exactly are you wanting to infect??

Anyway, to compliment the mood I’ve been in for the past few days, I have gotten so far FIVE emails, all allegedly from different branches of our government (FBI, CIA, etc) with the following message:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have logged your IP-address on more than 30 illegal websites.

Please answer our questions!
The list of questions are attached.

Yours faithfully,
Steve Allison

***Federal Bureau of Investigation-FBI***

Okay…if I had gotten this in my regular email, it might have given me pause for a second because of the email addy sending it ending with fbi.gov. But the fact that I got it five times…that each time it’s signed by the ever faithful Mr. Allison who apparently works for both the FBI and the CIA…and that there is a zip file attached that has been sent to a TEXT PAGER address…the whole thing just makes me laugh.

Nice try, whoever you are. I think I’ll go see what snopes has to say on the subject…

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