Hiya Mommy!

Hiya Mommy!
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Debbie took this picture of me and I just had to share it. Up until the middle of CRF this year I thought that when I moved I’d be leaving my precious Jeany Bean with Scott and only taking the boys. That thought would drive me to just sit on the sofa, look at her, and cry…a lot.

Well…somewhere along the way, Scott decided that she would be better off staying with the boys. We went out to eat, he told me that, and when I got home and looked at her…yep, you guessed it, I cried again. Man, do I do that a LOT!

Anyway…I love that little girl so much. From the first days with us when she would barely come out of her crate except to proudly bring me a shoe she’d half-eaten to now, when she hops up in the bed with me and wiggles until I’m clinging to the edge and she has my pillow…

One hundred thousand thank you’s to Debbie for this shot…I think it captures how captivated I am by Miss Bean…and I just had to share.

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