Welcome Home Part Two

Click on the linky above in the title if you’d like to see a slideshow of shots of my new house. It occurs to me that some of you got my frantically happy email full of pictures the day Amy and I went to see it, and some of you did not. For those that did not…enjoy.

Please take special notice of the bowling alley in the living room.

More pictures to come in that flickr set, so keep an eye out (if you’re interested at all…)

3 thoughts on “Welcome Home Part Two”

  1. Wow! Now I\’m really jealous!! But I\’m so happy for you Nan. YAY /cheer!! There were 2 pics that I couldnt see anything – probably one of them the \”bowling alley\” you were talking about cause I didnt see anything like that.

  2. It\’s the ceiling in the living room that my dad refers to as the bowling alley because it\’s done in pine flooring. Very cool I think, it looks so cozy in there. 🙂

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